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The universe conspires

Feb 10, 2022 | wellness


It’s three years since we moved to this idyllic spot between the North York Moors and the Yorskhire Coast. An extra-ordinary three years. We have had to work alongside the universe to keep the Yoga & Spice vision alive. We could not have anticipated COVID and lock downs or supply and staff shortages. But we have entered 2022 with new vigour.

Thanks to lock downs we now have an amazing Yoga & Spice on line community which still meets three times a week – and we welcome new members. COVID restrictions led to the concept of personalised retreats where we worked with some lovely people who are now regular visitors. We developed a small group approach to our scheduled retreats ,which we will continue going forward. And we introduced the Day Retreat concept, with optional accommodation, which has proved popular and is a lovely way to welcome local people to our special place.

Online access to some outstanding courses has allowed me to explore new areas and continue my yoga and Ayurveda journeys, and add new elements to my personal practice. And a extra time in the kitchen and at the computer, with some help from a dear friend has almost brought the first version of the Yoga & Spice recipes to fruition.  Watch this space