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We are not far from Whitby, on the North Yorkshire Coast, nestled in protected woodland, between the moors and the sea. Aptly named Valley View, our site is a wildlife haven, an ecological microcosm, and a tranquil and beautiful place. 

The moment we saw Valley View we knew it was the perfect place for wellness in North Yorkshire. We live here in tune with the seasons, growing our own produce according to permaculture principles and looking after our menagerie of rescue animals.

As we enter into our fifth year in this amazing place we ourselves have, for a number of reasons, taken a step back and our focus is now on offering short breaks in our three bespoke log cabins. I hope you will chose to stay spend time here and if you check with us before booking your cabin we will be only too happy to help with your personal wellness journey.  The support we can provide might include private yoga, relaxation or meditation sessions/guidance, wellness consultations, vegetarian or vegan meals, massage and much more.

Our stunning surroundings  are a still backdrop for a range of online classes and workshops. Our expertise includes mindful movement, flow yoga, Kundalini yoga and the ancient teachings of Ayurveda. 






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We grow  plant based food is grown on site and we enjoy sharing our our permaculture principles with visitors to the area.

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