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The Guardian 10 of the best UK wellbeing retreats 2020

Jan 20, 2020 | wellness

The Guardian 10 of the best UK wellbeing holidays

Yogandspice seasonal yoga and food week-end

Yogandspice was noted for food, foraging and five hours of yoga in the Guardian 10 of the best UK and wellbeing retreats. And of course our spectacular location. We are in the North York Moors National Park, but within walking distance of the beach. We know this is a special place.  But it is great when someone spreads the word as in The Guardians Jane Dunfords piece Recipe for a detox.

Food foraging and five hours of yoga

Food, foraging and five hours of yoga are part of our flagship Seasonal yoga retreats. The next one, featured in the Guardian 10 of the best UK wellbeing retreats, is  Seasonal yoga and food 19-21 June. These are full on week-ends for students who enjoy an energising style of yoga. And for people who want to participate in workshops and activities during their retreat. But there is free time to relax by the Valley View stream too. And a chance to chat with friends around the log fire in our new mezzanine relaxation area with and forest views.

Ayurvedic detox

Coming even sooner is our Spring Ayurvedic detox 20-23 March. While supporting yoga is part of the schedule, the focus of this four day/three night break is the healing power of nature. And eating home grown Seasonal home grown foodseasonal organic food to restore gut health. According to Ayurveda ‘dis-ease’ results from undigested food particles, or emotions/experiences  which form a substance called AMA. This AMA makes its way into the bloodstream and then wreaks havoc in the body. By following a simple diet of vegetables, and easily digested grains and pulses (no wheat or gluten) we can encourage the AMA to make its way back to the digestive tract where it is eliminated.


By joining a group for detox where all meals are prepared you remove a De stresslot of the stress that would accompany following a special diet in your home of work environment. And as stress contributes to toxic build up, de-stressing is part of the detox process.

The schedule includes time for walking, guided relaxation and cooking sessions so you can re-produce the Ayurvedic dishes at home. This enables you to continue the detox at home.

Because, according to Ayurveda we all have a different balance of the elements or ‘Dosha’s in our make up, some foods are more helpful to some than others. Every participant will be do an Ayurvedic assessment at the start of the week-end to make sure the diet and herbs are supportive.