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Is JOMO on your agenda?

Dec 19, 2019 | wellness

Have a joyful festive season

……….however you spend it.

We all know about FOMO: the Fear of Missing Out. But what about JOMO? Can we find joy in missing out?

FOMO stems from social media posts where we are all having a great time. And Christmas and New Year provide ample photo opportunities – and of course genuine heartwarming times with family and friends. And most of us wouldn’t miss them. But do we have to be having a great time all the time – and telling others about it too?

No…… appears though that FOMO is on the way out for many millennials. More and more people now value time and space above material possessions.

So if FOMO is being replaced by JOMO – the Joy of Missing Out what does that mean for you?

If you stop looking for photo opportunities and start just looking you may see the world a little differently. When we take time and space we notice new things about ourselves and our surroundings. And becoming aware of a behavioural pattern is the first stage towards changing a bad habit or nurturing a strength. That is what yoga teaches us.

Tuning into our natural environment is the only way we can begin to minimise our negative impact on the world. And as we work with nature we begin to feel it’s power to recharge us. That’s what Ayurveda is about.

I’ll make this a short post – as I need a little JOMO myself. And I am hoping that if you fancy some, or want to give a special gift in 2020, you’ll be touch.