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Filling our yoga studio – virtually

May 1, 2020 | wellness

Filling our yoga studio - virtually

My immediate reaction to the idea of teaching on line was  ‘No way!’ I am a natural technophobe. The idea of filling our yoga studio virtually filled me with horror. While I accept the need for on line PR, and booking information, working with the computer has  never been my favourite job. In fact I’d put it below cleaning out the chicken coop and sorting the laundry cupboard.

Keeping busy

The Yogandspice menagerie

There is always something to do at Valley View. I was having a good time looking after our menagerie. And I was doubly blessed to have my daughter, Honor,  home from Europe and watching her rise to the challenge of becoming a care worker.

Homemade treats for Yogandspice retreats

Moreover we were stocking the the freezer with homemade treats for future retreats. I had even started sewing at night and have ten curtain tie backs and two bolsters under my belt! Filling time is never a problem at Valley View.  Finding time….. that’s another matter.

Filling our yoga studio

On rainy days Mark has been busy varnishing our yoga studio. It was was only formally opened in March and the final touches were scheduled for next winter. It’s been Honor’s gym and my private practice space. But it was designed and built to be shared.

Then, a few weeks into ‘lock down’, and feeling very blessed by our surroundings I began some on line training myself.  This enabled me to re-connect with the some of the Seasonal Yoga Team in Glasgow, and across the UK. And I discovered yet another silver lining of this unprecedented situation, for those of us lucky enough to be fit and well. A chance to participate in events which would normally involve an impractical journey. And I realised how important my yoga community is to me.

So that was the lightbulb moment. Now I am thrilled to have connected with former and current students and a couple of new ones too – creating our own yoga community.

On line classes

I am teaching seasonally. The level is accessible but I try to add interest and challenges for those who need them. There is a choice of times.

Monday 7.30 – 8.15 am

Wednesday 7.30 – 8.30 p.m

And Friday 7.30 – 8.15 a.m

If you can pay at this time, it  is £5 or £20 for the month and do as many classes as you can.  You can reach me via the Contact form. Email me on [email protected]. Or What’s App on 07962505906.