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Back to space

Oct 1, 2020 | wellness

So my first blog after quite a silence goes back to the subject of space – which was covered in my first Yogandspice blog ever. And on the subject of space, our Yoga and Climbing breaks have just been featured in The Guardian As social distancing activities go you won’t find any with more space than that.

Why we need Space

Space is important in a yoga practice, space in our body, space in our minds, finding space for our practice. Ether, the space element is called Akasha in Sanskrit. It is a mystical word also meaning ‘all pervading’ and it is the source of Spiritual energy. In Ayurveda Ether provides freedom in which to move.

Ether or Space is also the medium through which sound is transmitted so related to the sense of hearing, the king of the senses. In the original yogic teachings, the Vedas, it is the sound of OM and mantras or chanting that put us in touch with the primordial rhythms of the universe.

So space is pretty important for yogis. But are your currently craving it? Or do you have too much?

Our space at Valley View

Since lockdown ended, so we could continue as a yoga retreat we have adapted and offered personalised or private retreats to individuals and couples. We have plenty of Space here and it’s balanced out by the other elements too. The Air is fresh and plentiful. We have log fires and Fire pits. There is a Water in our stream and a waterfall and you can walk barefoot on the Earth.

And best of all we have Space to meet with guests and students both outside and in our roomy yoga studio

Making connections

Social distancing can be a lonely business. Space is good but we need connection too. And it is hard, as we hide our expressions behind masks and avoid touching friends as we greet them or say goodbye.

I am one of many who is not able to see closest family this year as they are living abroad. As a little gesture of connection we decided last week to open for a small group, socially distanced, Veggie/vegan Christmas. . We’ve just a couple of spaces to fill and a beautiful space for guests to occupy.