Yoga Mind Body & Soul

Posture, meditation & Reflections

Yoga Mind Body and Soul

Our ‘Yoga Mind Body and Soul’ experiences include posture work, meditation and reflections on yogic philosophy and what that might mean for you – ideal for both newcomers and students wanting to deepen their practice.  

Mike Buckle leads these sessions. They can be booked individually but are also form a series exploring three different topics on the vast subject that is yoga. Each session will start with a  classical hatha yoga practice, including a brief pranayama practice and guided meditation. They will conclude with  a deeply relaxing, transformative sound bath session……..a chance to truly relax, and at the same time experience the healing vibrations of sound therapy. 

February 4 and March 12 – Yoga and you

 The workshop introduces Patanjali, known as the ‘father of Yoga’  focussing on his definition of yoga and it’s eight ‘limbs’. In particular,  reflecting on the yamas and niyama, (how we relate to the world and our selves). 

April 7 – More about meditation

The workshop focusses on the concept of kriya yoga and the final three limbs of Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga, then looks at the concept and practice of meditation as defined in the yoga sutra and includes a meditation practice in this tradition. 

7 July – Yoga and sound

Exploring, concept of ‘nada yoga’ and the relationship between yoga and sound, looking at chanting as a practice before exploring this practically with a number of mantra including ‘Aum’. 

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and share experiences during the workshop and throughout the day.

Teas and light snacks are offered but lunch is not provided. You can buy vegetarian and vegan meals  made with ingredients from the Yoga & Spice garden from our honesty shop. Or bring your own (no meat or fish please).



Yoga with sound gong