Wellness Workshops

A Seasonal Rebalance

Wellness Workshops

A Seasonal Rebalance

Our Wellness Workshops include exploratory movement, a yoga flow, guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra), breathwork and meditation, along with  seasonal wellness practices. We help you identify your Ayurvedic mind body type and how to build on your individual strengths through the right movement, diet and lifestyle choices. Each day starts with an introduction to the season, and a themed guided relaxation followed by a flowing seasonal yoga practice.

Over lunch break we discuss how ancient systems use the healing power of nature to work with different mind and body types or ‘doshas’. Then in the afternoon we introduce different approaches to yoga, breath work and meditatoin and suggest how you might enhance your personal practice.

Wellness workshops are lead by Lorraine. They are fully catered events with vegetarian/vegan meals from the organic vegetable garden on site.

The days start at 10.30 a.m (please arrive in good time; you can relax with a tea before your start) and concludes around 4.30 p.m

Sunday 17 March

Zing into Spring

What better time to plant a new intention in the fertile soil of your soul? The transition from winter to spring is an opportunity to for a fresh start. In our Spring Day Retreat we’ll introduce the power of intention and some simple wellness practices that you can easily assimilate into your daily routine. We’ll talk a little about cleansing foods and treatments and how to minimise the risk of spring colds and seasonal allergies.

During the course of the day you’ll enjoy several guided relaxation and meditation sessions to help anchor your intentions. And the yoga will work with the energy of the season, helping you remain rooted and grounded, with the strength to move forward.

Sunday 9 June

Find Ease and Space

We focus on fascia and releasing tensions in our Early Summer Summer Day Retreat. Our fascia or connective tissue is extraordinary and is involved in everything we do. It holds us together and supports mind and body. And it also allows us to find ease and space.

In our practices we will be shaking, tapping, spiralling, twisting, bending and extending to open up this incredible web of tissue in the body which. We’ll work with mind and body to connect with any areas where energy is not flowing through the fascia as well as it could be.
We’ll enjoy seasonal produce and talk a little about dietary and lifestyle changes to set mind and body up for the heat of the full summer season which can be depleting in already too busy times.

Sunday 13 October

Relax and let go

The Autumn Day Retreat is all about letting go. Autumn is a time to discard what no longer serves us, draw the awareness inwards, and begin to connect with our inner strength.

On this retreat we work with the energy of the lungs, through pranayama (breathing exercises) and postures. By reconnecting with our breath we bring ourselves back into balance. Our posture work will flow with the breath and we will look at different breathing techniques to help us deal with the stresses on modern life. But we’ll also have fun as we use breath and body to discard, and even punch and kick away, all the stuff that is holding us back.

Autumn can be a time of depletion so the movement and breath work will be enhanced by guided relaxation and meditation sessions where any last vestige of unwanted stuff can finally slip away. And our Ayurvedic workshop will consider a supportive daily routine and introduce nourishing self care techniques.

And you’ll enjoy the best of the autumn harvest with a warming lunch.

Saturday 16 November

Find your inner power

The Winter Day Retreat is all about finding stillness. Winter is a a time when we go deep within and find the strength that is always there.

On this retreat we focus on the psoas muscle, the muscle of the soul. Considered by yogis to be not just a core stabilizing muscle but an organ of perception composed of bio-intelligent tissue which is highly sensitive to stress and trauma and benefits big time from relaxation and mindful movement.

Our posture work will focus on holistic movement and there will be breathwork and meditation to promote relaxation and stress relief. This retreat will include a Kundalini style practice to relief anxiety and fear.

Our digestive fire is strongest in winter, we will explore the importance of seasonal eating and which foods work for your individual body type. And enjoy a hearty hot vegan meal too.