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Yoga Studio Classes

We offer a small number of regular yoga studio classes to local students or guests staying in one of the Whitby Log Cabins.

Regular classes include

Monday 7.30 a.m Live and on line £6.50

Monday 7.30 p.m – Membership class £40 per month*

Friday 7.30 a.m Live and on line £6.50

* Monday evening membership is restricted to eight students and is paid in 4 week blocks. The monthly payment is for the space whether or not students attend. Refunds are only given if a student shows a positive COVID test. Members enjoy a number of benefits including access to the online classes and monthly recordings,  discounts on aerial yoga afternoons (after first attendance) and day retreats.

Monday payment blocks are below. We cannot hold places if you choose to miss out a block but previous students will always be given priority when a space becomes available.

July 4 – 25 inclusive 

August 1- 22 inclusive

September 5 – 26 inclusive

October 3, 10, (not 17), 24 and 31

November 7 – 28 inclusive

December 5 Xmas special one members only off aerial 90 minutes 

£15 (may have to split this into two)

Xmas break

January 9 -30 inclusive

A small number of slots for private classes, tailored to individual needs, are also available  The first class is £50 and subsequent classes are £40 for students attending at least twice a month.

To book text 07962505906